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Password to UCT Prague computer network

All UCT Prague computer network users have assigned username and password.

Password to UCT Prague network needs to be changed before first use.

Password expires after 6 months and you'll be request to change it prior being able to login again.

Password change

What are the requirements for the password to be secure and can be changed

  • The password length must be at least 12 characters
  • The password needs to contain characters from at least 3 of the following groups:
    • The Upper case letters from English alphabet
    • The lower case letters from English alphabet
    • Numbers from 0-9
    • Special characters such as !@#$+- and the space.
  • The new password cannot be the same as one already previously used
  • It is recommended to use only English letters when setting up password which would prevent you from verification problems in some systems which occurs when using local language alphabets
  • The password should not be provided to third person and should not be recorded or written on any accessory or device
  • The password used for UCT Prague network access should be different from any other password you are using in non-UCT Prague systems

How to change password

Password can be changed with two possible ways:

  • While logged to school computer press CTRL+ALT+DEL and select "Change password..." from menu.
  • Connect via web browser to school email web interface at This change can be done over remote network.

When you are connecting with expired password you'll be prompted to change password automatically, otherwise its necessary to perform password change via Options menu.

Lost password

If you forget or lose your password please contact our technical support.

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