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Wireless Network (Wi-Fi)

Wireless networks available at UCT Prague

  • vscht – enables users to access internet as well as internal university network environment
  • eduroam – part of Eduroam project; the network is accessible to students and employees and provide internet access only

How to connect to university wireless network

University employee computers with MS Windows

University domain computers have predefined settings for access to the wireless network; the configuration of the computers is taken from the domain policies and does not need to be manually set up

Other connections

Recommended secure connection settings

To reduce risk of "rogue network" connection it is recommended to create wireless network profile and set up authentication server certificate verification.

Please use Eduroam CAT(Configuration Assistant Tool) to setup network profile running small application on your device.

Howtos for manual setup are currently available only on Czech internet webpages.

Note for Android devices users - to be able to proceed, it is necessary to install configuration application first.
Our experience also shows that using Eduroam CAT application might reach different results on some devices. Once created we strongly recommend to verify profile settings against the corresponding howto(altought the howto is written in Czech the picture highlight shows everything necessary).

Quick and insecure connection settings

Private computers, phones or tablets can be connected to university wireless network clicking on wireless network name and providing username(use pattern and password in a same way as providing credentials to UCT Prague network computers.

This method of setting up network connection is not recommended and you should avoid it as much as possible.

In case you find any problems connecting to UCT Prague wireless network please contact UCT Prague technical support.

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